Beauty Pie – What is it & is it worth it?

If you’re a beauty junkie and you haven’t given Beauty Pie a go – I highly recommend you look into it. It’s a totally new concept in the beauty industry – right out of left field. It removes all the profit a company would usually receive for high quality beauty products to it’s members and brings amazing products for rock bottom prices.

It’s common knowledge that highstreet and high-end beauty products all come out of the same factories so the Beauty Pie founder decided to use those factories to ensure top quality products without the mark up. Below is a little about the company, how it works, what Beauty Pie products I recommend and the ones I want to try next.

beauty pie makeup review
beauty pie makeup review


Beauty Pie was founded by the cosmetic genius Marcia Kilgore – you might know her better as the force behind Bliss Spa’s and Soap & Glory. Once again Marcia has reinvented the way we shop for cosmetics with her team of beauty junkies by doing the unthinkable… removing the astronomical mark-ups on high-end quality products.


The way that Beauty Pie can afford to supply high quality products for a fraction of the retail value is by using the membership model. By signing up as a Beauty Pie member you commit to £10 per month for a minimum of 3 months and you can buy mascaras from £1.93 – no that’s not a typo. It works by having the Beauty Pie members cover the manufacturing, packaging and handling costs only + the membership fee it’s really that simple or as they say ‘no mumbo jumbo’.


If the price wasn’t enough to sway you then I don’t know what is?! I would recommend Beauty Pie to anyone who has a real love of cosmetics as it allows you to branch out, try new formulations and products at essentially Primark prices. The ethos of the company is definitely something I can get on board with. There’s no animal testing and the packaging is an environmentally friendly as possible from the cardboard packages to the actual product packaging.

beauty pie makeup review


In my first order I went for a breadth of products focussing firstly on the items which were lacking in my current arsenal. I would recommend leaning towards products you will use daily so that you get your money’s worth but in 3 months you should be able to try most of the products.

Brightening micro mineral serum foundation

This is marketed as a sheer serum foundation with a dropper/ pipette dispenser. This is a beautiful product – scent and paragon free it gave a beautiful flawless finish but you need to make sure you shake really well before using. I found it best to apply with my fingers over my usual expert face brush.

£4.84 for members

Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer

When I first swatched this on the back of my hand I really wasn’t sure about the finish I thought it might make me look like a disco ball. However, I decided to try it with my makeup the next day both as a base for the serum foundation and a touch of cheekbone highlight. This. Stuff. Is. Incredible. It gave a radiant glow but not at all glittery – the cheek highlight was absolutely amazing the texture and consistency .


Super Brow Precision Pencil

For those big brow girls who loved Anastasia’s brow whizz and the budget alternative by Soap & Glory this is absolutely the one for for. It comes at a fraction of the cost and it has the same amazing, precise results as the highest end product I’ve tried.


Uber Volume-Boost Mascara

For me this is the only product of the 4 that I ordered that I’m not 110% sold on. It gives great natural looking fanned out, separated, volumized lashes but it lacks the oomph the I like to see in my mascara. I’d be tempted to try out the other two mascaras to see how they compare. Of course like pretty much all of the Beauty Pie products it is talc, fragrance and paraben free.



Next on my beauty list to try in the Beauty Pie arsenal:

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  1. January 22, 2017 / 11:55 am

    I have been seeing these products everywhere but never got round to looking in to them! Need to sign myself up! x