6 Korean Beauty Products that you can’t live without

What is the Korean Beauty trend?

…and why do you need to get on that bandwagon pronto…

Over the past 18 months the Western hemisphere has become absolutely enamoured with Korean beauty products and skincare. Unwittingly my beloved BB cream which I cannot do without (Dr Jart) is Korean so I was ahead of the curve a few years back without even knowing it! I found myself pouring over ingredients and reviews and googling ‘what’s the big deal with Korean beauty?!’. It’s because it’s more than just skin deep and I mean that literally.

Korean beauty from what I’ve gleaned is that beautiful skin is just.. well.. beautiful! Which is why there seems to be so much dedication to perfecting the base, whether that is those creepy looking sheet masks, the hydrating BB creams, the deep pore cleansers or the thirst quenching skin treatments. After much digging around here are the 6 key Korean skincare items you didn’t even know you needed.. and that you can get hold of in the UK.

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

The Rice Water Cleansing Foam is a moisturizing, brightening, and detoxifying cleansing foam made with rice water and Moringa oil.


Missha Time Revolution Essence

It provides 8 benefits of soothing, smoothing, balancing sebum level, moisturizing, improving skin tone, firming, wrinkle repairing and boosting


Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

Black Sugar Mask Wash Off contains black sugar ingredient, which contains rich minerals, vitamins and glycolic acid, for removing aged cuticles.


Etude Wonder Pore Fresh

Effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores with its special peppermint extract.  Free from mineral oil, fragrance, colouring & silicone oil.


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Gel texture, intensely moisturising with ionized mineral water and aromatic scents of orange flower, rose and sandalwood.


Tonymoly Egg Pore Steam Balm

A self heating balm which opens pores and transforms into a gel-like texture to remove dirt & oil from blocked pores. Sulphate & paraben free.


The Korean beauty trend has bought into the mainstream beauty industry the wonderful product that is the BB cream but as innovation is always at the heart of Korean beauty I can’t wait to see what the next upcoming trend is. We are seeing the rising popularity of single sheet masks but I want to know what the next BIG thing is because it will no doubt revolutionise our beauty industry.