HERO PRODUCTS :: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Let me start by saying I used to be a die-hard mascara snob. I love the Clinique High Impact Volumising mascara – it’s amazing. But it’s also around the £20 mark. A favourite throw-back mascara is the Dior Extase mascara. In case you hadn’t realised – I live for big lashes.

For me I want volume, I want separation and I want definition. I want it all but it makes me sad to pay over £10. I picked up the Lash Sensational when I ran out of my beloved Clinique and the Maybelline was on offer and I haven’t looked back.

This is my third tube of the Lash Sensational mascara. It gives me ultimate volume and separation and can be massively layered. It’s cheap and cheerful and it works without leaving smudges on my eyelids or fall-out under the eyes.