Vitamin C serum – why and how to use them?

Vitamin C serums – what are they, why are they good for your skin and what are the top Vitamin C serums on the market?

Working at one of the largest retailers in the world means that I often get to see trends in action. I can see the sales data on all the trending and best selling products every day so when I see Vitamin C constantly rising up the sales ranks I decided to stop and ask why. I thought I’d share some of the things I found out…

vitamin c serum
vitamin c serum

Defends you skin

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which can donate electrons in order to neutralize free radicals created in skin after climate exposure aka oxidative stress. Vitamin C can’t protect skin like an SPF can, it can minimize the lasting damage to your skin.

Healing Properties
Vitamin C can aid a skin’s ability to heal itself meaning it works well to reduce red and brown spots and other damage to the skin. It also contains key anti-inflammatory properties which will be great if you’re struggling with acne, spot marks and redness. In essence… Vitamin C protects against future damage and heals past damage.

Boosts collagen production
Very exciting news for everyone over the age of 23: Vitamin C is one of the factors in stabilizing and creating collagen molecules, meaning that it’s one of the most reliable anti-aging ingredients on the market.  I think this is the key reason for it’s rise in popularity. It is the most natural and affordable way to work anti ageing into your routine without the price tag connotations of ‘anti-ageing’ skincare products. Some research also shows that vitamin C can also increase the quality of the collagen created in the body.

How should you apply Vitamin C serum?


You should massage onto cleansed skin every morning before applying moisturiser and any cosmetic products. Because it protects against free radicals it’s important to wear this during the day as a preventative measure for day-time damage.

Every Evening:

As recent studies have shown that UV damage can continue for hours after exposure and it will enable you to build up a storage of antioxidants

Once in a While:

Every so often if you’ve got the extra time or think your skin needs some more intense rejuvenation you could try some at home derma rollering. The vitamin C serum should be applied post-rollering to enhance the effects.