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To ensure that all content is clearly signposted any collaborative, native advertising will be signposted as Digitorial. This is content which is uniquely tailored to every brief and is a creative process. All content and collaborative suggestions can be submitted through the Creative arm of Spoke + Co be.Spoke. Please bear in mind that this site does not take any pre-written infographics and reserves the right to decline any collaborations if they are not in keeping with the brand. Whilst creative direction can be offered and developed with be.Spoke all creative content is under the jurisdiction of the site administrators. Pricing for sponsored posts will vary depending on the work and additional support via social media that goes into them.


In addition to Digitorial/ Native Advertising this site generate revenue through onsite advertising and affiliate partnerships. An affiliate link is a tagged link containing a unique cookie which allows the site to earn a small commission if you purchase any recommended products. The products will be mentioned regardless of whether there is an affiliate link available – these tagged links are only added in the sub editing phase and thus have no impact on the products and brands featured here.


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When dealing with other companies I’m often asked how long it will take for me to publish various posts when featuring sponsored product(s). As noted above, I am completely transparent when it comes to my opinion on things, and sending me something will not always guarentee placement in a blog post. For more information on specific categories please see the applicable section below.

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