One thing I’ve realised as I see my 20’s slip away is that being under 30 wasn’t the same ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ lifestyle that people were living back in the 60s and 70s. Being in your 20’s nowadays is worrying about never being a home owner, early nights because you’ve worked 12 hours before-hand and eating beans on a weeknight so that we can afford instagrammable brunches with friends come the weekend.

When did people in their 20’s start taking shit so seriously? My parents are currently WhatsApping drunk from Budapest whilst I’m at home with a brew watching Poldark – I feel like either there’s some serious role reversal or I’m just a boring bint. Now because this is my space I’m going to say ‘hell no – I’m not (that) boring’. Yes I like tea, garden centres and clean sheets but then I’m pretty sure most of the people I know also love these things. I’ve come to the conclusion that a) we have a lot more pressure lumped on us in our 20’s than our parents did b) my parents are pretty f%$king cool.

To try and vindicate myself/ reassure myself that I’m not insufferably dull I googled (like a granny) ‘more pressure on younger generations?’ and I was met by a bevy or articles from the Guardian, HuffPost and the Independent who were all looking into the level of pressure and stress lumped on our shoulders as the new generation.

So my mind is a little at ease… it was probably easier for our parents at this time in their lives. BUT that doesn’t explain one fundamental thing. My parents are more fun than I am – what am I doing wrong? The answer is nothing, my parents are just doing it really, really right. The reason they are doing it so right is that they’ve just stopped giving a f@*k. They’ve finally learned to let go of all the little things that they’ve previously struggled with, they’ve learned to love themselves for who they are and more importantly they’ve learned that time, friends, love and family are more important than money. Essentially – my parents are more fun than me because they don’t take themselves too seriously!

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