Behind the lens: Things I’ve learned as an ‘Instagram Husband’

For those of you who don’t know – I’m Irish the guy behind the lens of Spoke & Co. Although we have talked about it I had never seriously considered contributing to the written section of blog but after a few photo-free weeks I figured I should pull up my socks and give it the ol’ college try. I’ve been helping out for a couple of years now and there are some home truths I’ve picked up along the way that are worth sharing.

Blogging is the perfect excuse to go exploring

Most weekend mornings are spent trying to find an interesting and more importantly, quiet backdrop for photos. As Lisette lives in West London there are plenty of haunts on her doorstep. That said, finding a street with the look she likes is only half the battle.

A quiet street in London is a fleeting thing. Almost immediately a hurried dilveroo rider will appear, or we gain the attention of a nosey uber driver. They stare at us as they wait for their Saturday morning customers, who usually emerge disheveled in lastnight’s clothes, and scurry to our onlooker as quickly as is politely possible. We might stumble upon a deserted street only to find as soon as the camera lens focusses there is a menagerie of school children or a posse of dog walkers.

Patience is a great thing and we usually prevail. And, I can now navigate from one side of London to the other based entirely on where we have taken photos. That’s knowledge you can take to the bank!

Food Posts are my Favourite

Well, this one is pretty obvious. I am not beyond gobbling down lukewarm treats post shoot. Lisette usually takes the food photos. I generally sit close by and periodically stare at the food like a well-behaved pooch until the photos are done. Then, I pounce.

No shame in that right? RIGHT?

Prepare to get a little into what your other half wears

I’m not sure whether I am just observant or the Rain Man of my girlfriends wardrobe, but I seem to remember which clothes were worn when, and with what.

I have been heard to say:

“Didn’t you wear that in a recent post?”

“Hmmm, it’s too bright to wear all black it will play murder with the contrast”

“Doesn’t that scarf kind of draw attention away from the coat?”

Whenever I say these things it is immediately followed by a sense of confusion and regret. How do I remember these things, and why do I say them when I know it is only going to slow things down. In any case, most of my suggestions are met with deaf ears and her shrugging and saying ‘deal with it’.

Accept when it is not happening

True of most things I guess. Sometimes we go out with the best intentions of creating content and it just fights you all the way. I think generally the best thing to do is to walk away and accept it ain’t gonna happen. It is very easy to let the need to post new content overshadow the reason for doing it in the first place. It should be fun . . .

Being part of Lisette’s creative outlet is great. We get to explore London and beyond, create something together and have a lot fun along the way. It has definitely strengthened our relationship and has given us a shared sense of accomplishment. I wouldn’t trade it for all the beard oil and craft beer in East London.

If you’ve got an Instagram husband/boyfriend/best friend they might find this useful and if you want any more tips on photo taking just let me know and maybe I can persuade Lisette to write a few more pieces!


  1. February 27, 2017 / 10:14 am

    I really enjoyed showing this post to my Instagram boyfriend, who has still not yet got quite in the groove of taking pictures for me lol! I think he now understands this is all completelyyyy normal.

    • Lisette @ Spoke + Co
      February 27, 2017 / 9:42 pm

      I’m so pleased! If he wants any more tips let me know and I’ll ask Irish to write something up! xx

    • Lisette @ Spoke + Co
      March 12, 2017 / 10:29 pm

      haha it takes time and practice but I think it’s strengthened my relationship with Irish massively!

  2. Simone
    March 3, 2017 / 9:00 pm

    Hahhahaha loved the post!!! As an ex photographic helper to my darling daughter, she has dragged me out on days I would rather be curled up with a book. And you can guarantee a great natter about just about anything! Sharing brings us all closer together well played Irish… have the patience of an army of saints!!!