A Few of my Favourite Things – Biscuiteers, Highlighter & Embroidery

Biscuiteers, Sleek highlighting palette, embroidered jackets and Instagram are just a few of the things I’ve been loving lately. ‘Favourites’ are posts I love reading and watching because these are the products, shows, food, places to eat, music and books that people genuinely love enough to remember all year round.

biscuiteers good life biscuit tin

The Good Life Tin

I’ve had a love affair with The Biscuiteers since I popped into an icing workshop last year with some blogging gal pals. Their biscuit tins are amazing presents for birthdays, engagements, new babies, weddings… just about every occasion. I also couldn’t agree more with their strapline ‘why send flowers when you can send biscuiteers‘. The Good Life biscuit tin is a gorgeous collection of seasonal veg biscuits . THEY. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. Delicious too – I’ve basically lived on these all week! Other favourites from the collection:
Best In Show – Puppy biscuit tin

Butterfly Mini Collection Biscuit Tin


L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara

So funny story.. My other half sprung a dinner with his sister on my at the last moment and I looked a wreck. So I popped into the local pharmacy raided the testers (don’t judge me) and then picked up a new mascara and I bloody love it.

Oval Brush – The New Application

I saw the hype over the Space NK Artis brushes and the step-change is base application and though.. nah. can’t be that good. OVAL BRUSHES ARE THAT GOOD. Because I was hesitant to invest in the real deal I thought I would try out a Korean one from Amazon. I picked mine up for around £3 but I’ve noticed that they now sell it in a set of 4 for around £4 which is incredible. The quality was so good I really haven’t felt the need to invest in the pricier option.

Summer Scent – The Fragrance Library

I stumbled upon these scents when I was wandering around boots spending my hard earned money on things I definitely didn’t need. But as soon as I smelt this little number my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t resist. Light, crispy, sweet and incredibly summery.

Madeleine Shaw – Get The Glow

I’m love every single recipe that I’ve made so far. I am utterly addicted to her cookies (recipe here) and her savoury food is amazing. If you  are looking for a book which will help you create delicious, quick and healthy meals I highly recommend this one.

Sleek Highlighting Palette

This is something I picked up on one of my many visits to Gatwick over the last few months – my Mary Loumanizer by TheBalm broke so I was in dire need of a replacement. I definitely didn’t need 4 highlighters but the palette was just so beautiful I couldn’t resist it especially as it was only £9.99. The pigment is great but it’s intense so you need to take care not to end up looking like a disco ball!

biscuiteers good life biscuit tin
biscuiteers good life biscuit tin

Vitamin C Serum

The beauty industry is going absolutely nuts for Vitamin C Serum at the moment for it’s gorgeous anti-ageing properties. I picked up mine for a fraction of the cost – it’s often on offer and costs around £15 which is a lot cheaper than most facial serums.

Instagram Stories

I don’t know anyone IRL that uses snapchat that isn’t a pre-teen or a youtuber. I don’t get it, I can’t be bothered – Snapchat is effort. I don’t want to spend my time trying to find out who to follow so I was delighted when they launched the insta-story lark. Want to see me gurning, talking rubbish and showing you what I eat. Follow Along!

Embroidered E’rything

It’s one of those trends that comes around every year and I can’t resist any longer. The highstreet is awash with absolutely gorgeous embroidered pieces. Here are my favourites:

Top Embroidered Picks on ASOS