Going Grey in my early 20’s?

What do you mean it’s a grey hair… I’m not old enough?!

Overheard: Lisette Henry 2014

Hi – my name’s Lisette and I started going grey at 23. I’m not talking about a slightly silvery strand of hair I’m talking about a thick and wirey white hair that appeared on my head that you could see from 10 ft away. I remember vividly exactly when I spotted it – actually Irish spotted it as we walked to grab a coffee off Tottenham Court Road. He spotted it, I flipped out and squealed ‘get it out… get it out’ much to the amusement of onlookers. He yanked it out and presented it to me like some prized object – I was distraught.

 It made no sense – none of my family went grey early, I wasn’t going properly grey like I’d seen on other people. Mine was sporadic, totally devoid of pigment and a completely different texture.

I’ve seen so many conflicting articles saying it’s due to stress, it’s due to genetics, it’s due to hormones or lack of hormones. Realistically going grey at the age of 23 isn’t ideal and 3 years later I still have the white hairs and I still haven’t died my hair. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a new cluster of white hairs – yes, it’s been an incredibly stressful time at work for the last few months so I’m pretty sure my early greys are stress related because back when I first started getting them I had never been more stressed.

So that’s my Dr Lisette self-diagnosis but I’m facing a dilemma. Do I start dying my hair to cover up the grey or do I just accept and embrace my greys a la Sarah Harris the Vogue UK Fashion Features Director who went grey at 16? I need your advice!

My Silver Fox Icons:

Linda Rodin

Sarah Harris

Yazemeenah Rossi

Carmen Dell’Orefice

Nicola Griffin

What would you do if you started going grey this early?

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  1. March 3, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    I am in exactly the same situation! I used to pluck the odd one out and now there’s too many 🙁 xx