How my life has changed

January for me is always a time for reflection. I think back to where I was this time last year and the changes I’ve experienced and I can’t quite seem to reconcile the speed at which time is passing me by with how long ago January 2017 feels. In the last year I’ve gotten a promotion, changed jobs, moved house, been burgled, thrown away most of my clothes, been to Verona, Munich, Milan, Oslo, Scotland and Ireland and spent another year with Irish. ¬†Whilst I’m not really one for setting goals anymore there are a couple of things I want to consider as I move into yet another year.

  1. I want to fall back in love with photography. Rolling back to secondary school is when I discovered my love of photography – spending most of my days lost in the fumes of the dark room. But now with this space the photos are more and more focussed on me – these were the posts you all read the most. I’ve decided to reclaim my photography for me – whilst Irish will be my ever wonderful photographer I want to start loving it again.
  2. I need to get better at taking time off. I finished the year with a lot of left over holiday and I was at breaking point. I know that me and Irish need to take more time off together – whilst we are planning a big trip at the end of the year we need to make the most of the weekends and bank holidays throughout the year. If you’ve got any city break recommendations let me know!
  3. I really would like to make more time for my friends. It’s really easy to become insular in London – whilst it’s super busy which is great on one hand when I finish work all I want to do is melt into the sofa and binge on Netflix. I’m going to be making more effort to spend time with friends old and new.

Whilst I won’t be putting in place any goals around for these things I really hope that writing these three things down will make me more conscious of them!