Big Pinterest News for Bloggers!

pinterest allows affiliate links

Pinterest now allows affiliate links!

About 15 months ago Pinterest made a pretty unpopular decision – it blocked all affiliate links on Pinterest. Now, this pissed a lot of people off. They were spending hours curating amazing boards and great content and earning pretty decent money from it… overnight it was gone. They went away, had a think and realised they had damaged the livelihood of their content creators so they came back and fifteen months later this this post popped up.

What is an affiliate link?

Now most bloggers know this – and many use this to support themselves when they go freelance. It’s a method of performance based marketing employed by brand and retailers to get good quality customers. If your favourite blogger or youtuber is talking about their new watch and they make you want to buy it – you then click on the link and buy it. Affiliate partnerships are where they put a tracked link so that the brand can see that they’ve sold that product because of that particular blogger. The blogger then get’s a commission on the sale – normally not very much but it can easily add up if you have lots of readers or subscribers.

Why is Pinterest a good source of revenue for bloggers?

This might not be something you’ve thought about – but if you’ve got a dedicated following and you’re posting and sharing great quality content you could potentially be adding a bit of money to your back pocket.

Even if it’s purely enough to cover the costs of running a blog – the hosting, the photography props, the beauty products – that’s still great news for bloggers. For those of you with big followings this could be a nice little earner. Thought I would spread the word as I haven’t seen much on this over the last few weeks.

There are a huge umber of affiliate networks out there from Affiliate Window which is an aggregator with hundreds of different brands and retailers to direct affiliate partnerships like Amazon’s. The benefit of an aggregator is that there are all the brands in one place – even though the link creation is a little clunky. For direct programs like Amazon the links are easier to make and often the commission rates are higher.