Why I LOVE Christmas

Let me start by saying – I know Christmas isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but there is nothing I don’t love about Christmas. As soon as December 1st hits I’m decking every hall, jingling all the bells and I’m dreaming of a white fucking Christmas.

Growing up my parents always made Christmas absolutely magical, we never had any decorations up in December. Then on Christmas eve my parents – after a long week at work – would spend the whole night wrapping presents and decorating the whole house, tree and all. Come Christmas morning we would scamper down the stairs to see the house lit up like a winter wonderland because Father Christmas had decorated. I mean – how could I not grow up loving Christmas?

Now that me and my brother no longer believe in that jolly man in the big red suit I love helping my parents decorate our home – mum has just picked up a whopper 10ft tree for our living room – lighting candles, listening to Christmas songs on Advent Sunday. There are less rose tinted parts of Christmas like bickering over the Christmas lights, broken baubles from clumsy fingers, coaxing my dad to watch a film with us and the stress of Christmas Dinner preparation. But I love it. I love everything about Christmas. These are my top favourite things about Christmas

  • Watching the entire Harry Potter Collection back to back (yes it’s a long affair but it’s my Christmas JAM)
  • Putting up the tree and decorating it
  • Quiet evenings with Bailey’s, whisky, mulled wine and Christmas songs
  • Watching Love Actually, The Holiday and The Grinch
  • Making mince Pies and gingerbread for the tree with Mumma H
  • My dad’s cheese toasties – he’s the king of the cheese toastie and I miss it when I’m not home
  • Countless cups of tea. COUNTLESS
  • Sneaking to the garden center during my mums lunch hour to sneak home a few extra baubles hoping my dad doesn’t notice
  • Hanging up our stockings – something me and my brother have done every year for over 20 years
  • Lighting all of mums fancy candles
  • Wrapping Presents – I only really buy presents for four people in my life (parents, brother and Irish) so I like to go balls out and totally over the top
  • Turkey and stuffing sandwiches. My dad’s a fantastic cook so Christmas dinner is always spectacular but guiltily I almost prefer the sandwiches the following days

These are just a few of my favourite things – I’d love to know yours. What makes Christmas special for you – is it family, friends, food, presents, religion? What makes Christmas special to you?

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  1. December 10, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    I love getting the house all decorated, putting up the tree to Christmas tunes or movie is the best