How I feel about food

Food and I have had a tumultuous relationship over the years – I’m pretty open minded when it comes to food. I will try anything once, I don’t restrict what I eat: I’m not vegan, pescetarian, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, additive free. I love a good cut of meat as much as a well cooked plate of veg, I love peanut butter and cream and all the things which are ‘bad’ for us.

I’ve grown up in a world which teaches us to count calories, eat low fat, low sugar and replace all the ‘bad’ fats and sugars with chemical substitutes. I was always told I had to finish my dinner even if I was full so food wasn’t wasted – a hangover from our parents generation of post-rationing Britain I think. I should eat my greens because they would make me i) see in the dark ii) make me big and strong iii) I couldn’t leave the table until they were gone.

Over the last few years I’ve changed the way I look at food and the relationship I have with it.

  1. I will eat butter and full fat milk.  Firstly it tastes great and the Hemlsey sisters say it’s ok and that’s the way it should be! I’d rather have natural fats than vegetable oils in my diet
  2. Try not to eat anything excessively and find my balance – yeah full fat everything is great but it should probably be balanced out by something green, red, yellow (vegetables)
  3. Fruit isn’t all that great. I love me a banana, clementine or a bit of pomegranate other than that I’m a bit meh about it. I like fruit in things but not so much as a snack. And that’s ok. I’ve accepted that and in all honesty if I’m going to get sugar from anywhere it will probably be the two spoons I have in my tea (naughty and not the same type of sugar I know!)
  4. I won’t change my tea. My mum has been telling me for years that I shouldn’t have two sugars in my tea. I’m a rebel. I will have two sugars until I kick the bucket because I don’t smoke, drink too much, do drugs (unless you count the occasional paracetamol) or stay out too late so sugary tea is my vice.
  5. About the alcohol. I get red, can’t breathe properly, sometimes my throat starts to close up and I get light headed so turns out I’ve got an allergy. Fine by me to be quite honest I didn’t like it too much anyway.
  6. Learn when to stop. Admittedly poor self control is one of my down-falls however I’ve started learning to stop eating when I’m full rather than cramming in every last thing that’s on my plate. I’m starting to overcome the pangs of guilt about people starving in the third world which was instilled in me as a child – charitable donations will help the third world a lot more than me finishing my burger.
  7. Cook more from scratch. I admit I have grown really bad at this. I cooked all the time at University but since moving to London after a 10-12 hour day in an office the last thing I want to do is cook so I’m prone to cereal, 2 minute pasta or some toast for dinner. I want to start cooking more often – baby steps

So as you can tell I’m not a very prescriptive eater – one day that may change but for now I will eat what I want to eat, I will eat what tastes good. Kale might be trending but unless it’s of the crisp variety I’m not interested because it tastes like farts.