Are you faux real?

Asos Ricochet shoes / Fur stole – similar / Topshop Petite cigarette trousers (now in sale) / Coat – similar / Asos bobble hat / Bag – eBay

Woah woah woah. I know – unleashing my inner Cruella right? The idea of wearing fur is something I’ve actually struggled with since I was about 10 and I tried on one of my Grans old fur coats. For thousands of years we have worn fur from the North to the South pole and from East to West (Kanye included), we wear leather with little qualm so why not fur?

*maybe skip to the next paragraph if you’re squeamish*

For me personally I watched a pretty horrifying documentary on the fur trade when I was around 14 which made my decision for me. There were heaps of animals quivering, skinned live – huge fields full of miserable dead behind-the-eyes foxes crammed into little wire cages. For me I am very much faux over fur. This is another – pretty harrowing documentary made recently and narrated by Paloma Faith.

*ok you can open your eyes agin*

A few furry facts:

  • 85% of the worlds fur currently comes from animals in fur farms, bred for fur not as a byproduct of the meat industry
  • You can recognise real from faux fur. With faux if you blow you will see the base of the fabric. With real fur you will get a dent but no partition.
  • The most expensive furs are sable, chinchilla and silver fox – all very small animals when you consider the size of a coat! Cruella was aiming low – it takes between 130 and 200 little chinchilla’s to make 1 fur coat.
  • There are very few regulations in the fur industry when compared to agriculture and most of the methods of killing the animals are pretty barbaric to avoid damage to the fur

Statistically above 90% of British people have gone on record as refusing to wear real fur I wonder if this is still true today? We now have assurances from retailers or designers to soothe our moral compass that their fur is ethically sourced or origin assured. The Huffington Post wrote an interesting article about the concept of ‘ethical fur’ but I’m really interested to know what you think?

Is wearing fur the same as wearing leather? Is it better? Is it worse? Where do you stand?



  1. January 17, 2016 / 10:33 pm

    Is by no way the same as leather. Leather is mostly a by product of meat and I eat beef. I don’t eat chinchillas though, it’s so brutal the fur trade. Faux all the way for me!
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

      January 17, 2016 / 11:14 pm

      Really interesting! I personally know so little about meat, dairy, leather, fur trades – find it really interesting though! totally on the Faux side though! x