6 Best Snakeskin Ankle Boots

Now that the wet and miserable weather has truly set in it’s time to focus on the positives. The Autumn brings rosy cheeks, hot chocolate and ankle boots. My shoe wardrobe of the last few years has predominantly consisted of 1 pair of heels that I rarely wear, countless white trainers and a plethora of ankle boots. Ankle boots are the ultimate footwear choice because they are suitable for every occasion.

I’m not sure if the 70’s are still ‘in’ – I wish there was some kind of fashion memo which tells everyone when something is DONE. But one of the beauties the 70’s trend brought with it was the jazzy footwear. From Metallics to embroidery boots got sexy and perhaps the femme fatale of jazzy boots is the Snakeskin print/effect ankle boots.

I struggled to find many good ones still in stock on ASOS – maybe everyone else got there before me – but these were the best Snakeskin boots I could find online.