Best of COS SS17

One of the shops I’m always inherently drawn to – knowing I will always find something I like and that I’ll never overheat in the dressing rooms (unlike Topshop). One thing I always do before I go is check out the website, the look-books and of course Brittany Bathgate’s instagram never fails to get me into my local COS store.

cos best ss17
cos best ss17

The White Shirt

As always COS is always front and centre when I’m in the market for a new white shirt. They beautiful quality of the material COS uses means that the cut and fall of the material is always flattering and modern looking.

Olive Green

One thing I will always go to COS for and that is new season colour palettes. Currently my favourite colour in-store is this gorgeous khaki/olive colour. It looking amazing as a top to bottom colour block or paired with a clean white shirt. I think the colour is timeless, classy and appropriate for any occasion.

The Shoulder Bag

Spring and Summer is about ditching the big bags full of scarves, umbrellas and various extra layers and opting for a lightweight edition in the form of a sturdy cross-body shoulder bag. I’ve got my eye out for a mid-sized black over-shoulder bag like this one.

White Denim

Doubtful if white denim is something I can pull off based on my lack of hight and propensity to drop food on myself. But white denim is definitely one of the ‘coolest’ denim trends of the moment. COS is a great one of relaxed denim fits.

cos best ss17
cos best ss17