Best 6 minimalist hair accessories on ASOS

1. Bar hair grip        2. Infinity hair clip       3. Triangle hair band

I can’t afford to get your hair cut every 12 weeks3 months, 6 months, maybe once per year and I know I’m not the only one out there. We tell ourselves we are ‘growing it out’ but really we would rather buy a bottle of wine (or 5) than go under the scissors. Apart from using hair masks, oils and treatments the best way to update your tresses is with a hair accessory. I’m not talking over the top gems, floral crowns or anything that makes you look fresh off the Glasto field. I am talking about something with is suitable for work but doesn’t make you look like a librarian.

Hair clips and grip are ideal for winter weather then turtle necks make necklaces obsolete and knitwear catches on your earrings. They are perfect for day and evening without looking over the top. If you like minimalist jewellery like me these are the best minimalist hair accessories available on ASOS right now.

4. Rose Gold Hair Pin        5. Triangle hair slide       6. Gold hair cone