9 of the best Band t-shirts

Something which is set to make a 2017 comeback is the ‘Groupie’ trend from 2013. I can’t make my mind up about the whole band t-shirt trend – it’s looks really f****ing cool to wear an oversized, androgynous tee with some leather look trousers or a super girly with metallics or floaty material. The idea of the contrast appeals to me but at the same time there’s nothing that grates on me quite like seeing some dippy young’un wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt when they have never heard any of their songs and don’t know who the band members.

How do you wear a band T-shirt?

Personally I would wear a band t-shirt with some white trainers, a metallic skirt and a leather or aviator jacket. How do I wish I could wear a band t-shirt? If I had unlimited sass and confidence I’d go with killer heels, leather trousers and a chunky knit cardigan but let’s face it… that’s no practical or comfortable so I won’t be going anywhere near it.

Should you wear a band T-shirt… if you don’t love the band?

This is the main problem with this trend for me. If I wore a cool band tee I’d feel like a hypocrite – I’m not a super-fan, I haven’t been to all their shows or traipsed around the globe after them. I’ve always hated the Nirvana, Guns n Roses and Rolling Stones t-shirts I’ve seen in Primark over the last few years. Thinking they were tacky, awful and insincere. Then I started seeing them on Pinterest and Instagram and the term ‘influencer’ really hit home. Seeing these cool cats on my social media has genuinely made me second-guess my taste – that shows the true impact of social media.

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