Valentine’s Gift Guide for the man in your life

I can’t say I’m personally a massive fan of Valentine’s day – in fact I don’t think I’ve ever actually celebrated it before! However… Since I started working in retail I realised quickly that I am in fact in the minority it seems that we need a little gift buying spree post-Christmas to tide us over.


What to buy the man who has everything...

Hopefully this little gift guide for Valentine’s day will cater for any many in your life the gadget addict, the trendy wendy, the music lover, the binge watcher and the reader. Failing that there are a few bits in there which you can always borrow off your other half! I put together this list by using all the top selling and most wished for products around this time each year  with suggestions from some of my male friends. The top 5 products to buy for men on Valentine’s day are:

  1. Box sets: to give them some respite from Gossip Girl – it’s a nice way to relax together, save money on trips to the cinema and you’ll get to see a new great series – win, win, win. Son’s of Anarchy is possibly the best TV show ever!
  2. Alcohol: something a bit special like a good scotch or bourbon. Bourbon for the men with a sweet tooth and single malt for those who like drier, stronger drinks (that burn as you drink them!
  3. Clothes: bags, watches, scarves, sunglasses, socks, wallets – all the things they talk about buying but never get around to (and some hilarious pants)
  4. Tech: a new set of headphones or speakers are a nice addition to the man-gadget arsenal (to drown out the sound of Gossip Girl)
  5. Skincare: whilst the modern man is becoming slowing more metrosexual having spoken to a number of men there’s lots of products they want to try but are too shy to go into a store and buy themselves. That must be why my other half is always stealing my face masks… Or something that smells nice – a solid gift at any time of the year

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s day 2016?

Love is a friendship that catches fire.

Top Tips: bake, decorate & set a budget.

... Or buy something which both of you will enjoy!