Why black is always the best choice

Black clothes – let’s talk about it. As soon as I hit 24 I gave up on colour. Colour is beautiful, I love it but more and more I find that my wardrobe is increasingly dominated by various shades of black. My nickname is even Wednesday (as in Wednesday Adams) but you know what… I’m ok with that. Yes, I often look like I’m heading to a funeral, yes it does make me look paler and yes I always wear it in the sun even though I know it’s impractical.

black fishnet socks
black YAS top
holland park mews
black YAS top
  • When you inevitably spill things it’s a whole lot less noticeable
    I spill things often so wearing black means that it’s easier for me to keep my dignity intact a little longer. I also find black clothers easier to wash as the colours don’t run or discolour as easily


  • You always look dressed for any occasion
    Black can be worn from the office to a fancy dinner or from informal to smart casual to formal at the drop of a hat (or the addition of updated accessories)


  • Black clothes look more expensive
    As soon as a colour is ‘in’ it ends up all over the racks at Primark and instantly loses it’s shine. All clothes in that colour immdiateble bome cheaper looking which is why Black is the best option. Especially if you’re investing in some key peices for your wardrobe – the fabrics look better, the cut looks nicer and it stands the test of time better.


  • According to ‘colour psychology’ black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power
    I don’t know about anyone else but black makes me feel more confident. Having a baby face means that unless I want to look like baby spice pastels are not an option, black makes me look my ages and means I’m taken a lot more seriously. This is pretty important for my job as it’s not uncommon that I’ll end up in meetings with some big-wigs


  • It’s flattering – let’s face it black looks good on most people
    When you’ve got a bit of junk in the old trunk black is your friend. I honestly think this is one of the key reasons I now wear so much black all the time – I feel better about the way I look when I’m wearing black

If black doesn’t float your boat – sometimes I wear bright colours!

black fishnet socks asos
holland park mews
asos fishnet socks
asos fishnet socks

The Best of Black