French Girl Style… What about Brit Girl Style?

Something I’ve seen a lot of over the last two years is the devotion to ‘french girl style’ and ‘parisian chic’, whilst I agree they definitely have style I think we are massively underselling ourselves in the style stakes. Some of trendiest mother flippers that I follow on Instagram are British we’ve got Alexa Chung, Pandora Sykes, Lucy WilliamsEmma Hill just to throw out a few names. We also have a rich history of amazing and inspiring designers, avant-garde fashion and publications so why are we so focused on other peoples style?

We’ve got a lot going for us in the UK with fashion and shopping habits varying from one end of the country to the other, we’ve got a lively arts and music scene as well as some of the best design and fashion schools in the world. I would define Brit Style as individual style. There’s no given uniform, no hard and fast rules and we like to have fun with textures, patterns and styles. We aren’t afraid to mix and match old and new, masculine and feminine, high and low end.

For me I wouldn’t define myself as having any particular style or even being ‘stylish’ – I know what I don’t like:

Ditzy florals

Frumpy frills

Skimpy anything

Poor quality fabrics

And I know what I do like:

Black (easy to wash and avoid staining)

Oversized everything

Comfort over trend always

Good quality cuts and fabrics (which aren’t dry clean only)

To go even further – with the democratisation of fashion through Instagram, Pinterest, digital publications like WhoWhatWear, the rise of fast fashion, increasing quality and availability of lower price point designers and the movement away from region specific ostentatious branding is ‘style’ becoming global?

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  1. January 28, 2017 / 12:23 pm

    Gorgeous as always! And totally agree – there’s a lot of individualism in the UK, especially when you go quite granular from area to area everyone dresses very differently. British have the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude to dressing up a lot I think. As in – I’m gonna wear WHATEVER I want. Czech people are traditionally much more conservative so after 9 years here I still find it hard to believe people go out in joggers. Oh the fashion freedoms!
    By the way I’m so happy I’m not the only one colour coordinating my wardrobe so I can do less washing machine loads haha!