What happened when my bf picked my outfit

I bellyflopped onto my bed saying “I have nothing to wear – everything is in the wash”. I could hear my boyfriends eyes rolling behind me. He did something that not many men I know would do, and something I never thought I would be ok with. He said ‘let me choose something for you to wear’.

I’m not going to lie – I was sceptical – I much prefer a slightly more androgynous slant to my outfits and Irish (my bf) definitely prefers my more girly outfits. I waited for baited breath for him to dig out something floral from the dark depths of my wardrobe but was really surprised when he picked up my well worn MiH jeans, an oversized shirt and my new mules (WHICH WERE £16.50!).

I was quietly impressed, I thought it was going to end up as one of those hilarious ‘my bf does my makeup’ style experiments. Retrospectively I feel bad because he did a great job, the only compromise I made was wearing the shirt back to front because I preferred the longer hem.

I hear you ask ‘what’s the point in this rambling?’, my point is this: you might be tired of your wardrobe but all you need is a different perspective. If you ever feel like you have ‘nothing to wear’ or that you ‘hate all your clothes’ because let’s face it – it happens to us all. Call in a third party – whether it’s your mum, your sibling, your other half or your friend. Having a fresh perspective will help you see your wardrobe in a different light and snap you out of your fashion funk and could save you a shit tonne of money panic ordering stuff from ASOS.

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