Hot 5 Neckerchief’s for SS’16

No longer is the neckerchief banished to the land of love bites and cowboys… the trendy folk say it’s now acceptable for normal humans to wear this on an everyday basis. I’m a big fan of the classic bandana styles but I’ve seen some really gorgeous silky numbers popping up all over the hughstreet so here are the top 5 neckerchiefs / neck scarves / neck ties (whatever you want to call them) that I could find!



Now I do love a trend as much as the next person but there’s a pretty big Style Chasm between what is cool on pinterest and what is actually acceptable in day-to-day life. I love the unbuttoned shirts to the navels, the no-bra dresses and the cool boyfriend jeans with heels but the reality is… Boobies all over the place and replacing the heels with trainers because they hurt and looking more butch than chic.

My own opinion on how to style neck bandana/neckerchiefs is.. the less effort the better. Keep the outfit simple jeans and a t-shirt or my go-to ALL-IN-BLACK-E’RYDAY. Things to steer clear of/ not to wear with bandanas…

  • Suede or excessive leather.. you will end up looking like a cowboy
  • No cowboy boots.. again.. cowboy
  • Maybe avoid pig tails and gingham
  • Not too many clashing colours/ prints

Essentially.. try not to look like a cowboy and you might even look pretty cool in the process.

Photo @FreePeople