How to beat January Blues

With every Christmas that passes January hits us like a 50 tonne pile of faeces. We grieve for the year we have lost, the year that has gone past without so much as a friendly wave and we think ‘where did the time go?’ and we run through the stages of grief from denial and bargaining to depression and eventually acceptance. 2016 has arrived and it isn’t going anywhere but here are my tips to coping with the post-christmas slump.

  1. Get some light. The lack of natural light during the darkest months makes me feel sluggish, unhappy and like a little mole person. There’s a real reason for it. The vitamin D we take from sunlight promotes the serotonin production in the brain – the happy chemicals. So get up off that sofa and out of those cranberry sauce stained pj bottoms and go take a walk in the fresh air and light. Failing that – pick up one of these bad boys. I turn mine on for a few hours before I need to get out of bed and go back to the sleep while the light shines on my face.
  2. Eat Better. I’m not talking 500 calorie daily restriction, or turning over a new vegan leaf – I’m saying put down the cake and step away. Go back to eating normal meals at normal times of the day and remember to eat your greens. Even buy a new cookbook to inspire you to branch out and try new recipes – I’ve got my eyes on the new Hemsley + Hemsley book.
  3. Take up a new hobby. Try something you’ve not done before like knitting, taxidermy or join a local book club. Not only does it take you from someone whose only hobby is Netflix to having something to look forward to every week. It will keep you busy and distract you from the sad fact that the Next Christmas is another 11 months away.
  4. Don’t write any new years resolutions. Curveball I know. I’m all for writing bucket-lists and things to enjoy and do in the coming year. What I don’t endorse is new-years resolutions. We spend so much time over the festive period self evaluating and scrutinising which makes us feel shitty. We say ‘next year I will be better‘ but the resolutions are often restrictive, joy sapping and frankly often don’t last past February.
  5. Laugh a lot and enjoy life. Whether thats by visiting a comedy show, listening to happy music, watching back to back Peep Show or actively spending more time with people that make you laugh. Do it. Appreciate that you’ve got a brand new year to look forward to and start it with laughter.
  6. Make Plans. It doesn’t matter if its planning a city break, a big adventure or what you’re going to eat next week. Making plans gives you something to look forward to and that in itself is the best cure for January Blues – looking at the year ahead as a year of opportunities.


  1. January 21, 2016 / 9:25 pm

    I’ve definitely got the January blues at the moment and these are a pretty good set of suggestions for the month! Too bad there’s not enough light during the day.

    Saskia /

  2. Stella
    May 4, 2016 / 3:22 pm

    I’m totally smitten with that camel knit!