Being stuck in a rut and how to deal with it

I’ve been at staring these photos thinking… what was I thinking? I had resigned these to a ‘lost post’. You know the ones I’m talking about – the photos you save for a rainy day but can never bring yourself to publish. I realised something… we all get stuck in a rut.

toyshop straight leg moto jeans styled
Whistles chain bag and daniel wellington watch

This post is my rut personified. I’ve been so busy over the last 6 weeks I’ve felt uninspired, self conscious and generally not on my A-game. I wake up often and wear all black just because I can’t be bothered to think about what I’m wearing, I have no energy to do anything after work, I struggle to get up in the morning. I’m lying at the bottom of a big. fat. rut

It’s hard living in such a digital age where everything we consume is edited, airbrushed and edited again – we need to remind ourselves that life isn’t perfect and that not being on your A-game isn’t criminal it’s just the way life goes. I’ve been searching high and low for tips on how to to get out of a rut and these are the best pieces of advice I’ve had:

Start a new routine

Being in a rut for me is about being trapped in my comfort zone and comfort zones are supported by routine. Brush off the cobwebs and start a new habit – whether that’s getting up 20 minutes earlier to read a newspaper or making a concerted effort to go for a walk at lunch time.

Get a stylist…

If you’re in a style rut you should book an appointment at a shopping centre or retailer (I know Topshop do these for free) to get a stylist. Tell them your hang-ups, lifestyle and key dislikes and they can bring you a whole new wardrobe. 

Be happy with yourself

This is a difficult thing to do when we are constantly ‘on’. Always tapped into technology, always focussing on our external perception but not really taking a moment to be completely alone. It’s time to enjoy being alone, be happy with your own company and you’ll fee happier overall.

Be inspired

Stop focussing so much on the rut, why you’re there and what you can’t achieve. Start seeking inspiration, visit art galleries, exhibitions, museum going to see live music, take up a new hobby, go travelling. Do anything which sparks inspiration and revel in the creativity and talent of others – you won’t be able to help feeling inspired, this passion is the best way of kicking a rut to the curb

Treat yourself kindly

Make sure you’re sleeping at least 7 hours a night – I’m a fiend for only getting around 5 hours sleep – make sure you eat delicious food, if it’s healthy as well that’s even better and don’t be your harshest critic. Being stuck in a rut is shitty but don’t beat yourself up because that isn’t productive and it certainly won’t make you feel any better.

Birmingham graffitti
Birmingham graffitti
straight leg jeans toyshop