Be a bit nicer to yourself – (Infrared sauna, skin laundry, thickening haircut)

If you speak to your parents or grandparents there are a lot of things which we take as the norm that simply weren’t a ‘thing’. Social media, the internet, the Kardashians but more importantly there wasn’t the same level of self loathing. In an age where we are constantly bombarded by adverts, instagram models, facebook posts about how great someone elses life is has led to a disappointed, disillusioned and disengaged group of young adults. Not disengaged from from each other but more from ourselves.

Being a little bit kinder to ourselves is becoming increasingly a ‘trendy’ thing to do with the term ‘wellness’ being thrown around with wild abandon. This is essentially the en-vogue way of saying – don’t be a dick to yourself. Stop hating every pore, every flyaway hair, every ounce of fat or the fact that you don’t look like a Topshop mannequin.

I’ve spent the last decade beating myself up for one thing or another and it’s made me utterly miserable. It’s no way to live so I’ve been trying to take steps to do things which are a bit kinder. Here are some of the things I’ve been trying or plan to try out.

Get Outside

For those of you who don’t know – home for me is Warwickshire/Cotswolds which means that I really miss the outdoors if I’ve spent too much time in London. There’s something about being outside which makes me sleep better, feel more relaxed and get some perspective. You get the beautiful fresh air, some gentle exercise and your quota of vitamin D which is especially difficult to come by in the winter months.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas help your body release a number of toxins, including heavy metals  and environmental chemicals. It soothes joint pain and more importantly it helps balance the levels of cortisol in your body which is the ‘stress hormone’. It stimulates circulation leaving you feeling relaxed and your skin purified. I did a lot of research on Infrared saunas in London and the best one I could find was PÜR Wellness in Notting Hill. I went in for 1 session and immediately booked for 2 more. Honestly I’ve never sweated so much in my whole life but I felt so relaxed.

Getting a Haircut

I was lucky to be a guinea pig for Hershesons speciality Thickening Hair cut with hair genius Rob Scott. Sitting in the chair having a glamourous lady giving me a head massage with my conditioning treatment whilst the chair massages my back – it’s hard not to feel relaxed. He did a fabulous job of giving me hair like Stevie Nicks had a baby with Farrah Fawcett – all of the layers and volume. I left feeling all swishy, relaxed and pampered.

Working from Home

I know it’s a strange thing to advocate for a bit of self-love. Working from home gives you a rare chance for a weekday lie-in, collect your thoughts, organise your workload and decompress a little before the weekend begins. It means you get some time to be alone, make sense of everything and get your zen on rather than spending half your weekend trying to decompress and then the other half gearing back up for work on Monday.

Skin Laundry Facial

I’ve got this booked in for January now because it fills up mighty quick – it’s an entirely free facial. Yes FREE. The Skin Laundry is an import from our friends across the pond founded by girl boss Yen Reis who advocates the use of light and laser therapy. It improves the appearance of dry and dull skin, vaporizes dirt and impurities, tightens and brightens the skin. Did I mention IT’S FREE. The first 15 minute facial is free because they honestly believe it’s so good that you’ll keep coming back for more. If you’re London based book yourself in and see how it goes.