Lace Cami – the top 7 on ASOS

Lace Cami with a white tee anyone? Yes… Most of Pinterest too.

I was incredibly reluctant to ‘give in’ to the summery trends simply because normally we don’t have a summer and unless we go abroad – and as I have no plans to go somewhere hot I’d been steering clear. With this sweaty sweaty weather I might finally need to relent and buy something summery.

Click the numbers on the image to see my top picks

I’ve seen the cool kids on Pinterest and Instagram tripping out in the sunshine post-personal-training-sesh in their camis over white tees to pick up their iced lattes and acai bowls so that they are fuelled up and properly attired to take a marble backed flatlay in their gorgeous airy apartments.

Whilst I don’t think any of the above is necessarily realistic for me I definitely think I could try and look the part haha! The reality is that I’ll probably look like an overstuffed sausage  in a silky casing but the allure of a lightweight cami might prove too much for me. The way people have been styling the lace cami tops and slip dresses a-la 2016 is over white shirts to give it that ‘off duty model’ look… and so that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a nightie out of the house.

I think I’ll pair it with one of the white shirts from ASOS (mostly because they’re pretty cheap) I’ve narrowed it down to this 2 pack, or this 2 pack or maybe this slouchier longline one

Have any of you tried out this trend – and maybe failed miserably – or pulled it off like a boss?

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