Lazy Girls Guide: Checked Blazer

The boxy checked blazer for this season isn’t for everyone – Irish calls it my Diane Keaton jacket, safe to say he isn’t a fan. But for me the checked blazer is great because I can wear it to work meetings, it’s less drab than my plethora of black clothes and it makes me feel vaguely trendy with minimal effort! I picked up my blazer from Zara but there’s always a good selection on ASOS if you’re trying to find a decent one that won’t break the bank.

checked blazer
checked blazer

This is my first Lazy Girls Guide which is for those of you reading who want to LOOK like you give a shit but in actual fact you want to maximise the minutes you spend in bed before getting up and going to work. For any of you who are in this boat and don’t have several hours each morning to look ‘put together’ this is why buying a checked blazer for this season is the one key piece you’ll need.


    This is probably the most important factor – I don’t want to spend time figuring out if something ‘goes’, half of the time I’m getting dressed for work with my eyes half open. I don’t need to worry about what I wear it with I can pair it with wide leg jeans, ripped or frayed hem jeans, smart chinos, matching checked trousers or culottes and it just works.
    Wearing a blazer is great especially one like this that is cut a little longer means it skims over lumps and bumps – the thighs, the hips… the butt and creates a nice streamlined shape. For me a blazer is a bit more like a wearable comfort blanket – I definitely feel more confident in one.
  3. IT’S COOL AF?
    There are some trends like PVC, giant flares and a 24/7 stilettos that look great on instagram but don’t translate well into real life. PVC is uncomfortably sweaty, giant flares look like you’re en route to a fancy dress party and heels all day should be used as a new form of torture. But the checked blazer is something that’s been on the catwalks, it’s been in the ‘new-in’ sections of the coolest shops and seen on the backs of instagram royalty like Chriselle Lim and Lucy Williams . It’s ‘on-trend’, it’s affordable (unlike those realisation par dresses everyone seemed to wear this summer) and you don’t feel like a fashion victim wearing it.
    Whereas most ‘trend pieces’ will be gone in a season a blazer is a staple for any wardrobe. With the weather in the UK a checked blazer can see you through until next summer. In the winter it can be teamed with some chunky knits or worn under coats and in spring it can be worn with thinner dresses and skirts.
checked blazer
checked blazer
checked blazer