Plandid: The new Candid photo

Blank page phobia isn’t something I’ve had since back at university where I would sit on an essay title for weeks until the day before the deadline. But as I sit here and look at this blank page punctuated by plandid shots of me (planned candid – thanks Manrepeller) I wonder… what the hell am I doing?

The plandid is the new norm for blogging and instagram and I wholly prescribe to it because in actual ‘candid’ shots I look like a thumb with an extra chin and a lopsided face drawn onto it. To put it simply it’s where  you either take a ‘burst’ of photos to capture and in-between shot or where you deliberately pose to make it look as though you’re doing something natural like walking, twirling and sitting in places you would never normally sit.

I must share some of the hilarious outtakes from my outfit shoots over the last two years – they are ridiculous. It’s like there’s some kind of shame around having photos of you when you know there’s a camera there – all my favourite bloggers and instagram accounts have mastered the planned candid shot.  Irish who takes all my photos is always saying ‘look at the camera’ and I always reply ‘I don’t want to look at the damn camera!’. I guess it’s the equivalent of under dressing for occasions because you don’t ‘want to look too dressed up’. It’s ironic in a day and age where we’ve never tried harder we’ve also never tried harder to look like we’re not trying.