SS16 Layering essential… the Tactleneck

A quick and easy way to incorporate SS16 Catwalk trends into your everyday wardrobe… without looking insane. Meet the Tactleneck!

pointed black ankle boots and relaxed fit blazer
london bicycle
red london letter box
floral zara dress and black toyshop ankle boots

For those of you who don’t watch Archer… firstly why not?… and secondly you really won’t understand a Tactleneck.

Tactleneck /takt(ə)l/[nek]
The tactical turtle neck. Perfect for layering under dresses to keep warm.

The SS16 catwalks were awash with layers upon layers, a nod to the 70’s in a more subtle (less flared) way is by layering summer dresses over turtlenecks. Admittedly I didn’t do this to be on-trend… I just wanted to keep warm but still it’s a neat little trick for recycling your summer wardrobe with an ‘on-trend’ (shudders) twist.