Sunglasses – where to buy them cheaper than duty free

Sunglasses – the sirens call of the duty free lounge. The temptation to buy just about anything when you’re bored of waiting for your flight is high. When you throw in top name brands for once a year purchases like cheap (er) sunglasses it’s hard to resist. I can often be found sifting my way through the Jo Malone counters, the cosmetics and ending up trying on about 3 different pairs of sunglasses at once. Then I can’t decide… then it’s time for my flight.

Buyers remorse is a real thing because guaranteed when your lying on that beach squinting through those £1 Primark sunglasses you’ll be thinking ‘damn. should’ve bought them’. To take the impulse out of the impulse purchase.. I know such a party pooper.. I decided to do a bit of digging around online to find affordable places to pick up the big brand names: Ray Bans, Mui Mui, Prada etc.

Came at a bonus when I realised that some of them were on 2 hour delivery, same day delivery and next day delivery! I’ve picked out some of the most coveted, most instagram approved sunnies that were at a good price – I’ve definitely seen them cheaper but still 50% off Ray Bans is pretty good as far as I’m concerned. These are the classic sunglasses shapes which seem to be absolutely timeless and suit women (and men) of all ages – I could easily pull off the Prada Baroque sunnies as well as a granny and the Ray Bay Wayfarers have been around for years so your granny probably has a pair!

Ray Ban Clubmaster

 RRP: £120

Amazon Price £71

Mui Mui Classic Cat Eye Sunglasses

 RRP: £200

Amazon Price £150

Ray Ban Round Style (Rose Gold)

 RRP: £150+

Amazon Price £90

Prada Classic Baroque Frames

 RRP: £160

Amazon Price £120

Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer

 RRP: £150+

Amazon Price £71