The best of faux fur

You cannot fake chic but you can fake fur and be chic. Karl Lagerfeld.

Wearing fur is a pretty big fashion statement. It’s hard to walk that line between Pat Butcher and Beyonce. How much is too much… Is there any such thing as too much? Personally I’m more of a faux than a real kinda gal  and over the last few years the trend has gone from the occasional fur fur coat to stoles, trims, mittens, clutches in a huge rainbow of colours and an enormous breadth of textures. Here are a few picks and tips on styling fur, enjoy!

  1. If you’re a little nervous go for the trim. Whether its a little on a glove, a trim around the neckline or wrists.
  2. Pair with black, a blank unobtrusive canvas lets it pop without looking too try-hard.
  3. Accept the statement – “yes I’m wearing a leopard print coat” “yes I have a furry monster clutch” “Yes my scarf looks like a furry rainbow”… and what? It’s cool so own it.

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