The essentials for Carry on luggage for long haul flights

Ever wondered what to pack in your carry on luggage to help you survive a long-haul flight… here’s the answers.

One of the most important things I had to consider when I was planning what to take was to forget the fancy and think practical. As much as I love Whistles handbags for their beauty, they aren’t necessarily the most practical for intense travelling.

I decided that a rucksack was definitely the best route to go down – I decided to pick up a classic Herschel Backpack in light grey for two reasons. The first (and most important) was that I was thoroughly unprepared and needed the next day delivery. The second was that I didn’t want to spend too much. I looked on ASOS but they backpacks were pretty pricey so I had a look on Amazon and found this one for £25!

Having spend the last few weeks on and off planes I am so so glad I did. This backpack is around 22L and I managed to fit all my clothes for 3 days in Vegas. I also fitted my makeup and my heeled Topshop boots which isn’t too bad going!

I also decided to pack my new content planner from The Bloggers Planner so that I could get some work done whilst on one of my many many flights.

Here are my top tips for ensuring that you have everything you need in your hand luggage for a long haul flight.

Eye Mask – Nothing is more annoying on a long flight than that one person who keeps opening the blinds. An eye mask is great not only for a flight but also for hotel rooms with thin curtains.

Feeling Fresh – Essential trio of mouthwash, dry shampoo and deodorant. Nothing too strong smelling, only enough for a little freshen up. Tresemme’s instant refresh is the only dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair crispy and grey.

Time – I always keep my watch on UK time when I’m away, it gives me a weird sense of comfort

Skin Care – I took a little sample cleanser (Ren’s flash rinse), a hydrating sheet mask by Hyradluron and an overnight moisture mask from Origins. That alongside a touch of brightening concealer is all you need to step off the plane looking fresh

Power – Self explanatory, if you are stuck in a box with no power source… you need something to charge your electronics!