Top 2 Museums in Oslo

Top 2 Museums in Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum

With such a rich history dating back to the 700s with the first recorded conquest of the Vikings Oslo is a top place for taking in a bit of history. I managed to do a tour of the Viking Ship museum which had some amazing restored viking ships that look like they might’ve been made yesterday rather than thousands of years ago. The part I enjoyed most learning a bit about Viking history was getting a better understanding of how they treated women more equally than most ‘civilised’ countries did 150 years ago!

The Fram Museum

The second more unusual Museum I visited was voted best Museum in the country last year was The Fram. It was actually Irish who really wanted to visit but I was so glad I went along. The expedition ship was at the heart of the exhibition, you can explore the lower decks and peek into the engine room, you can see all the clobber they wore, the expedition time-lines. It’s the best one I’ve visited in a long time, I highly recommend it. Even the boat ride over to the Museum island is worth the trip taking a mini tour of the Oslo Fjord.

top 2 museums in oslo