Top 4 things to do in Norway

Top 4 things to do in Norway

Norway is in an incredible country to visit but I’ve narrowed down the top 4 things you really should do when you’re in Norway… the rest is up to you 🙂

Road Trip

The roads in Norway aren’t great from getting East-West but the North-South roads are breathtaking, a real car lovers dream. The winding beautiful roads which hug the coasts, cliffs and Fjords are like something out of a Top Gear special. I’d be lying if I said my Norwegian road companions bracing speed around the corners isn’t mildly terrifying but the roads are well worth the visit. If you have time the Atlantic Highway is meant to be a great drive.

Be Active

One thing I noticed whilst I was there was that everyone was active. I’ve spoken to Norwegians about this and it’s part of their culture to be outside and to be active – to care about what they eat and how they live. I highly recommend kayaking on the Sognefjord – it was three hours but it was incredible. All along the Fjords of the west coast there are plenty of places to kayak, canoe, swim or sail. Another big thing is hiking in Norway.  The hikes are incredible the one’s I’ve heard particularly raved about are Trolltunga, Kerang and Preikestolen but basically every Fjord will have a stunning hike around it. Every forest, every mountain, every lake you come across. The big ones range from 4 to 10 hours – I went for the most beginner friendly Preikestolen which was 4 hours with an incredible view over Lysefjord and a fear inspiring sheer cliff face. 

Stop and Breathe

If you live in a city you’ll know that it’s not often that we stop for a minute, breathe and take in the world around us. I’d be shocked if you didn’t automatically stop and stare but I really, really recommend just taking the time to sit outside with lunch or pulling over for an hour just to really let the view sink in. You won’t regret that hour but you’ll regret if you don’t take the time to take it all in and breathe in that gorgeous fresh air. When we were there it was still light at 10pm so there were plenty of hours to stop!

Get Lost in Cities

Something I recommend in every country is to really get lost. Don’t spend all your time in taxis, on buses, tubes or trams get some comfy shoes on (nike frees or stan smiths all the way) and start walking. You can always fall back on Google Maps but really just take to meander through the streets. The only thing I ever pick out ahead of time is the best coffee shops for refueling. 

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