Visiting Norway – where to stay and how to visit


What is this I hear you cry with dismay?! It’s really quite literal, for years I’ve heard people moan that they didn’t do everything they wanted to on their holiday or that it was too rushed – too stressful trying to get stuff done. I decided a while back that I was going to curb my inner control freak. I realised that enough of my time was being spent so stressed that I didn’t have time to rest and enjoy myself.

Under-planning is where Irish and I both pick a few simple requirements, my requirements for this trip were simple kayaking, hike, cinnamon buns. I kept the list short and sweet because we only had 8 days and I wanted time to relax and enjoy just being. It worked. I feel completely refreshed and we accomplished everything on our list.

Camping – not as bad as I thought!

I’m not a camper, never have been. When we ‘camped’ as kids it was always the South of France in a little lodge on a camp site or maybe one of those permanent tents. Of course with  running water, toilets, heating and camp beds. So the prospect of camping with no electricity, no running water and no toilet filled me with dread. But I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone so I bit the bullet and dove right in. We used bio-friendly soap to wash in water from the nearest waterfall, boiled our pasta in glacier water, kept warm by building camp fires and layering up – we basically went Bear Grylls.


best airbnb in oslo

Where to stay?

Oslo is never going to be a cheap place to visit – luckily it is absolutely covered in amazing Air BnB’s just waiting for you! They have that white washed scandi feel and are never far from the centre. We staying in this little apartment – it was comfortable, warm and homely and just a 15 minute walk from the pier front (that’s very central). It was located in up and coming Sagne right near the cool buzzing area Grünerløkka – their equivalent of Shoreditch I guess. Perfectly located but still in a peaceful area – what more could we ask for?!

best airbnb in oslo

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  1. Stephen
    June 6, 2016 / 1:20 pm

    Next time you’re in the area, check out Tromsø in the north! Me and my gf went there in november and its absolutely beautiful with mountains and fjords all around. Can’t wait to head back out there 😀